FAQs About Funding

If you are still wondering if a cash advance is right for you, don’t worry. We are here to help! Read though our most commonly asked questions and answers for additional information to help with your decision. Or, call our toll-free number 877-70-GET CASH (877-704-3288) for a personal consultation. Click the tabs below.

1. Is this a loan?
2. What documents does Broadway Funding Group need to make their decision?
3. How much can I get?
4. How long will it take to get my money?
5. Must a lawsuit be filed in order for me to get a cash advance?
6. What types of cases are eligible for a cash advance?
7. Will my attorney need to sign any documents?
8. What is the benefit of getting a cash advance instead of a loan?
9. What can a cash advance be used for?
10. What if I need more money at a later date?
11. Does Broadway Funding Group get involved in my case?
12. Does the cash advance affect my case?
13. If I lose the case is there anything to repay?
14. How do I get started?