Our Concierge Services:
For The Things Money Can’t Buy

Money doesn’t make all your problems disappear. Compassion, a helping hand, a ride, a delivery, a connection – are also very important along your road to a full recovery.

That’s why BFG also offers concierge services to our clients.

We can put you on the fast-track to reclaiming your health by scheduling appointments, helping arrange transportation, and even paying the bills:

Concierge Services

  • Medical Services Provided: BFG maintains close personal relationships with doctors in the New York Metropolitan area, and can schedule your appointments for you.
  • Surgery Covered: We will cover the costs of your surgery as part of your cash advance if your surgeon says you need it, and you have no way to pay.
  • Transportation Arranged: We can arrange a ride for your medical and court appointment to make sure you get there and back safe and sound.
  • Door-To-Door Delivery: We can even messenger your cash advance to you if getting to our office is physically challenging.

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